Our Quality Management Statement

  • We provide a dedicated, informed and efficient service
  • We are committed to ensuring that customers get the most from our service
  • We listen to client's needs to provide real solutions
  • We aim to deliver customer satisfaction every time
  • We welcome customer feedback for ongoing improvements
  • We identify and rectify problems immediately should any arise

Customer focus – we understand that customers need to investigate the sale of suspect items on eBay. We respond to changes in the eBay system as they arise to produce the most up to date information available.

Process approach - our essential business activities are to maintain the search function of the site and advise customers how to gain the best results from our system as well as harnessing other open source material on the internet. We receive an automated warning if a customer’s search fails so we can monitor whether it is a system failure that needs attention or requires customer advice.

Continual improvement – we seek to continually improve our systems and processes to provide the best possible service to our customers. We provide a help contact form, contact email address and contact telephone number for customers to report any issues or to suggest any improvements to our service which we act upon whenever possible or practical.

Leadership – we are committed to strong leadership skills to increase employee motivation by improving processes and our skills base.

Involvement of people - all levels of staff are aware of their responsibilities within the business and the importance of providing what the customer requires.

System approach to management – we regularly reassess our practices and procedures to maximise our efficiency and focus.

Factual approach to decision-making – we base our decision making based on a thorough analysis of data and information.

Mutually beneficial supplier relationships - we recognise that our business and our suppliers depend on each other.