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National Mobile Phone Crime Unit

"eCops is used to support the identification of stolen mobile phones throughout the UK. The '0 mile' postcode search enables researchers to target specific areas of the country to establish the prominent areas that stolen phones are offered. Specific keyword searches used by the NMPCU can identify if a phone is blocked/stolen".

"In excess of 100 stolen mobile phones have been recovered as a direct result of using eCops to interrogate eBay".

RESULT: 100+ stolen mobiles recovered.

Avon and Somerset Police

A victim of a recent burglary spotted his bike being offered for sale on eBay. The photograph of the bike had been taken in front of a distinctive looking concrete shed. "We had an idea of whose house it was from local records as a know burglar lived there and we were right. The shed could clearly be seen in the garden. eCops help was much appreciated as we were able to recover this bike from the house of a known burglar. Cheers."

RESULT: One arrest and stolen property recovered.

Essex Police

Officers used eCops to locate property stolen in residential burglary and went straight round to the address. "Bit of patter at the doorstep, property recovered, suspect arrested and admissions made. Time is rumbling on but will speak when I get a chance."

RESULT: One arrest and stolen property recovered.

Greenwich Burglary Squad

Intelligence sources revealed that an unknown male was responsible for stealing motor bikes from the local area and then selling them on eBay. Using the eCops software officers researched the information and discovered a live listing that appeared to confirm the information to be true. The postcode of the seller related to a known criminal and the Squad decided to pay him a visit and arrested him at the address. The suspect admitted offering the bike for sale on eBay but refused to reveal its location.

RESULT: One arrest and charge.

COURT RESULT: Community Service Order: to carry out unpaid work for 200 hours within the next 12 months and to pay compensation of £1,000 to the victim.

Twickenham Police

Following a burglary in Twickenham, the victim saw his distinctive stolen power tool on eBay and told the Police. The OIC checked eCops which revealed the seller was operating from two different postcodes, one in Hertfordshire from where the item was being sold and another in Sheffield. A voters register check revealed people with the same surname were living at both locations.

A search warrant was immediately obtained for the Hertfordshire address and a male suspect was questioned. He stated he was selling the item on behalf of his father who trades at car boot sales. Officers attended the second location and recovered the stolen power tool which was positively identified by the victim.

RESULT: Stolen property recovered and restored to victim (who praised Police action). Insufficient evidence to charge.

Barnet Police, case 1

Intelligence was received that stolen jewellery was being sold on eBay from the London N11 area. Officers conducted a postcode search on eCops and found one seller of multiple items of jewellery from within the search area. Further intelligence checks revealed the location to be linked to a male who was known to the Police for handling and burglary offences.

RESULT: One suspect arrested. Result pending.

Barnet Police, case 2

Intelligence came in regarding someone selling items from a stolen car. eCops was used to track down the seller and this showed a number of items being sold. "These were all linked to the series of car-jackings we were having on the Borough."

RESULT: Two suspects arrested and charged. Result pending.

Merton Police

A set of golf clubs stolen from a residential burglary in Merton were seen by the victim on eBay. eCops revealed the postcode of the seller and simple open source investigation techniques revealed their true name. The Police immediately visited the premises, recovered the stolen golf clubs and arrested the suspect who claimed he innocently bought the golf clubs from a man in a pub.

RESULT: One suspect arrested and property recovered but not charged as given the benefit of the doubt.